good read

Because the butterfly’s yellow wing
flickering in black mud
was a word
stranded by its language.
Because no one else
was coming — & I ran
out of reasons.
So I gathered fistfuls
of  ash, dark as ink,
hammered them
into marrow, into
a skull thick
enough to keep
the gentle curse
of  dreams. Yes, I aimed
for mercy —
but came only close
as building a cage
around the heart. Shutters
over the eyes. Yes,
I gave it hands
despite knowing
that to stretch that clay slab
into five blades of light,
I would go
too far. Because I, too,
needed a place
to hold me. So I dipped
my fingers back
into the fire, pried open
the lower face
until the wound widened
into a throat,
until every leaf shook silver
with that god
-awful scream
& I was done.
& it was human.
Source: Poetry (July/August 2017)


protracted silence….

is radio communication of the highest degree.


during the day

the stars cannot be seen

but they are there

during the night

the sun cannot be seen

but it is there

across space and time

you cannot see my love

but it is there

as always


a deflected invitation

is no small matter

but a question doesn’t always deserve an answer

and an answer doesn’t always warrant a question

two becomes one

the path does not obscure

job searching is a bitch

ugh. some job application sites or stupidly redundant…I just applied at an org …and on their application portal… made me upload my resume AND paste it into a dumb text box.really. wtf

coming soon

a friend just wrote a blog about a letter she once wrote to future self when she was young

and then wrote a letter to her younger self from the present time

what would you write to your younger self?

my letter will come soon….

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there are the things we put up with and the things we don’t

there are the people we make space for and the ones we don’t

beyond all sleights and feints

there is a place…I may meet you there