a depth unseen

I’ve made a real close friend, here quick

and it was an interesting way to come about

we met through my work, about two years ago

but it was about 1.5 years ago that we began to become close.

after my official work one on one mtg check-in with her, she pulled no punches, and said “can we be friends outside of your work?”

I was quite surprised but also appreciated the frankness of the question

I said yes, of course.

I was tepid at first, because here is a married woman who I know through work, not even as a colleague but as someone who is coming through one of our programs.

but I am glad that I trusted my heart, and we have become extremely close

although I have to admit that there were times when I began to question how our friendship might seem to others and those who observe us

here is a married woman who invites me out to lunch, dinner or political events without her husband for the most part, it’s just the two of us. never once did I have suspicions of ulterior motives but I did have some early qualms about if our mutual friends would think I was trying to be a homewrecker …and I also don’t want to soil her reputation or upset her husband…but then again, most of the time, I am not initiating most of our interactions

and also, I have close female friends who have boyfriends and husbands…but often times it is because we have been friends since college and or I’ve known them way longer before they met their SOs and so for me it is not weird, but for me to make a friend later in life, and with a married woman…. it took some getting used to….

and this person is extremely comfortable with me

very physically affectionate, which I am also not used to in particular or in general

but it has been a good learning experience for me…. as I reckon with that fact that I should be grateful to make new friends as I grow older yet

I love her passion, her friendship and above all, I am honored to have found a new close friend.

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