ib cov neeg

tsis tsim nyog hlub

ib txhia neeg

tsuas yog ntxim ntxub

ib cov neeg

nkim yus lub sij hawm

ua zoo saib



lonely fools

the radio prompt had the saddest question yesterday

it was about regrets from marriage

and the people writing/texting in had the worse, sad shit to say ever


I married cuz all my friends did it, and two marriages later, I came out of the closet (a female)

I married my husband cuz I had bad health insurance, 8 years later we’re divorced, but I don’t have regrets because I have a beautiful child

I was the third man she tricked into having a child, but not the last…well, she’s not my problem anymore, she’s his now (lol)

I married because of societal pressure and stayed in an abusive relationship, but am glad that I am now out. (good for you)

We married because she got pregnant, thought it shouldn’t be a reason to jump the gun, we don’t regret it