had a good conversation with a friend the other week about getting more serious about grad school and other future plans…

I am banking on a new, ambitious plan to set things back on track…

a 4 year plant to erase my debts so I can focus on getting back to school


the truest love

wherein lies the secret

to blossom your flower?

that I may know which seeds to water

in the next time I visit

once more

for let me know

how April showers May

I want that for you too

fair winds

if I knew you had the strength to leave

I wouldn’t ask you to

I would remind you that you had the option to fly

if I knew that you had the vision to flourish

I wouldn’t ask you to

I’d show you what it was to broaden your own horizons


the stress is overwhelming

I am a workoholic

I dream/have nightmares about work sometimes

I think I have ptsd

I took Monday off because I have been battling sleep issues and over the weekend a migraine

and the stress….of it all….