my baby sister is at college

her first year at the big U

the older sister went to college, but 1.5 hours away…

the three brothers between them and Myself didn’t go to/finish college…

I am the first to get a BA… my oldest sister has an AA…

my oldest brother just got his AA too

I was the first to board at college, the first to go all 4 years straight in undergrad…

it was a lonely experience

I still suffer to this day from the mental anguish of that experience, and being a first generation, low income student

I wished so hard that I had cousins/siblings who could identify with me, understand what I went through, party with, study with, etc…I was so jealous of friends who had this…

I had no one.

tomorrow I am off work

I will do for her what I wish someone had done for me….

I will go take her to lunch and give her some spending money….

it’s rough growing up poor and having no one guide you through college


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