cheats and cheaters

these local radios need to stop letting dumb fucking people call to complain about their cheating spouses/bfs/gfs…and or asking stupid ass obvious questions..

this bitch calls in saying her new bf doesn’t want her to post pictures of them both on HER social media…asking if this is normal

dumb fucking bitch

let me tell you how to know if your bf is dicking around and you don’t even fucking know you’re the side pussy

jesus, stupidity gets me mad

  1. if he has strict times for you to come over/himself to visit you, then you’re the side pussy. he gets you on the side because he knows you’re easy and stupid and weak and don’t mind being the side pussy
  2. if he forbids you from coming around too much with his close friends and or even coworkers/acquaintances…then you da mistress, hoe
  3. if he doesn’t care to come around your friends/family/coworkers/acquaintances, then you da side bitch
  4. if he is overly protective and secretive about your love life/how/where you two hang out together, and about his own privacy…then you da hoe
  5. if has more than one cell phones, and the other ones which were not mandated by his job, then you da fucking hoe. one phone per woman, lest you fuck up and let them find each other out.
  6. if he goes out more/all of a sudden and or changes his hygiene oddly/off times…he is sprucing up for another bitch and that’s not YOU
  7. if he goes out too much to hang out with his “boys”…at the expense of your couple time, those aren’t “boys” he’s with. they have pussies
  8. if he starts “working overtime” sporadically, he’s working another bitch’s body
  9. if he is uncompromising in how/what you do together, his needs are on the only immediate thing he cares about…selfishness is how he is cheating on you openly. that’s how needy hoes put up with him…the myth of “scarcity”
  10. if he doesn’t update his status on social media…you better investigate that shit
  11. if he doesn’t flaunt your relationship on social media much/at all…he is still on the pussy market, hoe. no man is that shy. no man with a dick.
  12. if he needs too much privacy suddenly, he seeing another bitch’s privates
  13. if he starts random, mundane arguments out of the blue overly otherwise formerly/normally petty shit…he’s saying “I’ve had enough. I’m trying to make you feel NOT guilty about dumping me but you too fucking dumb to walk away. so I cheat…which makes BOTH of us feel better about how/why we need to break off.”
  14. if his personal music taste or evening rituals change all of a sudden…he mixing you up with his other hoes
  15. if he’s secretive with his social media/technology/phone…best bet some bitches calling him when you’re not with him.
  16. red flags…he says he’s not ready for a relationship early on. no man will be that indecisive if he actually has a dick. he either does or does not have a dick. or a heart
  17. he falls of the map on you more often than not with lame/no good reason. you da side bitch
  18. spy on a that bitch…if he has a lot of numbers that have no names…you da side bitch just like them
  19. if he lashes out at you when you accuse him of cheating or the suspicion of it….he most likely is projecting his guilt
  20. his phone battery dies more often than not…if he not calling you every minute then you a side hoe
  21. if he changes his appearances inexplicably…he fucking someone else…like if he is putting on more muscle, losing more weight, shaving his face more, cutting his hair or otherwise just not looking good for you in particular…he’s looking good for his real woman
  22. this applies to both men and women…but why the fuck people gotta be so dumb and weak they blinded by emotion….shit….

this is why I only listen to music now

and turn off these stupid radio shows in the car…



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