funny stuff

last week I went on a date with a friend of a friend

it was a nice, fun unexpected date. she replied to an instagram post in which I jokingly asked who wanted to be a movie date to La La Land.

funny thing is, she’s close friends with a friend who is engaged to my other good friend

during the date, she assumed I had been told details of the engaged friends’ wedding plans/invitation…I was not.

she asked me “are you going to Thailand in December?”

I was caught off guard. I had no idea what she meant and coincidentally …we are planning to send my parents to our homeland of Laos for the first time ever since immigration here….also in December….I thought maybe she read my mind or I somehow told her these plans before or through other means….

yesterday I connected the dots… my friend (the guy) texted me…their wedding will be in gorgeous Phuket. lmfao.

these friends having too many destination weddings…I can’t afford them man, lol.

two thousand dollar tickets, nobody got time for that.


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