two movies got me teary-eyed

hasn’t happened in the theater in a while

about a week ago I saw “Fences”…Denzel Washington is a wonderful director and this movie was more like watching a play…it was deep and had so much meaning about family. Viola Davis does a wonderful performance in this. it is set up just like a play, with a few backdrops and all the characters just conversing in dialogue throughout.

last night, I saw Moonlight…. it is such a deep and moving rumination about manhood, fatherhood…and gender in the context of street life and African Americans. with the stigma that homosexuality has in African American culture, it is a timely rumination on gender, power, and manhood.

i am a hot mess……..

tried to pay my phone bill over the weekend online but I forgot my password, pin and was locked out for trying too often. now my phone is dead and not working (probably cuz the bill)…I have to physically go into Sprint today at lunch to settle this shit. lol

in other news,

I hired a good, cheap photoshoot (discount) yesterday. I anxiously await the results tonight. I need good, legit pictures of myself for personal and professional reasons


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