stranger things

on Friday night I had some email exchanges with my friend Vi

she told she got a recent promotion at her work,,,which was great, as I recall the last time I saw her, she wasn’t too sure she wanted to stay much longer…her company recently restructured after being bought over… I was so happy for her I ordered her flowers to congratulate her

she got the flowers today…and texted me….”how did you know I got a promotion?”

I was stunned…I said you emailed me Friday night…

then I teased her for drunk-emailing me.lmfao

I don’t know how she forgot…or unless she really was tipsy when we were emailing that night….maybe she was drunk e-mailing me….but she’s too proud to admit it…it’s OK…she can be stubborn sometimes, lol

the complete irony is that she gets pissed off when I drunk text her.

lmfao. I’m glad she loved the flowers


last night, we parked all our cars in the driveway…the middle car, a Rav4, has a remote key

twice in a row…. the alarm goes off…but dies by itself

we check and there is no one out there, seemingly, and the keys are fine in the house…so no one is sitting on them by accident…

so I get paranoid and angry and walk out, barefoot, in the cold snow….with my heaviest boar machete that’s 2 feet long…I walk around and check and sure enough…no one and nothing is near/at the car or driveway….

i wonder if rabbits can set off car alarms….


on my lunch break…I drove to Best Buy…an 8 mn drive from my work

I tried to get new batteries for my 2.5 year old S5

to my shock, they don’t carry batteries in spite of having in-house Samsung associates!

wtf! I have to order S5 batteries from a fucking third party or walk in store like Batteries Plus

I am so pissed…do you want my business or not?



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