on the radio, I heard the dumbest shit

the DJ was talking about a new, disturbing trend…some people are so zealous in trying to catch their spouse/partner cheat that they are now buying/renting/hiring drones to follow their partners around

…look, motherfuckers…if you are that insecure about your SO, that means your relationship has been dead for a long time and ain’t shit a drone can fucking solve, reveal or work out. stupid bitch ass fucks.

plus…this some stupid ass shit…there are so many pitfalls to drones…lmfao


over the weekend, a high school friend reached out to me to share about her sister…

poor woman is a victim of domestic violence…and she is resisting help and doing self-destructive things and worse…she recently was assaulted by the boyfriend and refused to file a police report…instead, she was very childish….ran away, and left her two kids in the care of her family…. this poor woman has a history of being extremely narcissistic, selfish and sociopathic as well. it’s too bad… so many victims don’t know that they are….. domestic violence never gets better. it only gets worse


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