health and wellness

I am extremely lucky

my work place really cares about personal health and wellness and encourages each of us to do us, in and out of the office

new policies I am so excited to take advantage of are:

2 hours a week DURING THE WORK DAY I can take off for self care/health/wellness, be it go for a walk, meditation, yoga, tai chi, etc.

and dollars to spend on the endeavor

one thing I hadn’t taken advantage of yet, because my old gym closed, is gym reimbursement….so I will do that soon…funny irony…a brand new gym just opened where my old gym closed. I will go check them out this weekend and maybe sign up so I can get back into it

recent events have made me more conscious of my own mortality

and my own place in the world…

I feel so under-accomplished. next year I’ll be 30

by 26, Alexander had conquered the world

by 26, my father was a soldier who just had his first born after marrying my mother




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