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my friend Srida has great wisdom to share

sharing from her social media

“Motivational speaker and author Lisa Nichols explains this concept well in her book Abundance Now. Lisa says that, in life, there are three types of relationships you’ll experience: 1) Life giving: People who come into your life temporarily to boost your ego – they remind you of your value, and they make you feel alive with excitement. 2) Purposeful: People you encounter for a specific purpose (starting a business, growing spiritually, finding your voice, building a family, etc.), but when the purpose is fulfilled, the relationship ends. 3) Lifetime: These relationships are so strong that they last forever. They’re typically balanced and healthy, regardless of the ups and downs of the relationship.” – Zim Ugochukwu


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health and wellness

I am extremely lucky

my work place really cares about personal health and wellness and encourages each of us to do us, in and out of the office

new policies I am so excited to take advantage of are:

2 hours a week DURING THE WORK DAY I can take off for self care/health/wellness, be it go for a walk, meditation, yoga, tai chi, etc.

and dollars to spend on the endeavor

one thing I hadn’t taken advantage of yet, because my old gym closed, is gym reimbursement….so I will do that soon…funny irony…a brand new gym just opened where my old gym closed. I will go check them out this weekend and maybe sign up so I can get back into it

recent events have made me more conscious of my own mortality

and my own place in the world…

I feel so under-accomplished. next year I’ll be 30

by 26, Alexander had conquered the world

by 26, my father was a soldier who just had his first born after marrying my mother




and so you followed her here

from there

and yet

now she has left you

what do you do?

you can’t even think straight



you don’t even drive straight

like this



a conversation with a friend from the weekend:

he: So you don’t like strippers? Why is that?

me: I don’t believe it’s a moral thing for me to attend. I know…people gotta work, but I will never go to a strip club myself. I don’t think it’s right.

he: How do you mean? Why not?

me: Because some women have no choice but to do that line of work. If they were sold or forced into it, or felt like financially that was the only thing they can do to put food on the table. Let me tell you something. If that was my sister or someone I cared about doing that line of work, and I find out about it. Do you know what I would do? I would go in there and open up a machine gun on every man in that house. Do you fucking understand me?

he: What about if other men you know like it?

me: I don’t give a fuck. That’s them. I don’t judge you if you go or like it. I’m just saying, you’ll never find me there, and don’t ever ask me to go. For myself I have that mindset. I don’t care what other men do, that’s on them.


some things

boil my blood

more than other things


an elder of our clan died

the last closest grandpa of our immediate clan….

this makes me sad

it makes you think of all the chances you have and had to learn more

and make more memories with/from your elders

be who you are

be who you need to be

be what you need for when you needed most