LinkedIn is kind of slow in the way they give notifications for anniversaries….my one year work anniversary was the first week of this month, but only in the last week has LinkedIn been flashing it to my networks, so this week I’ve been flooded with congratulations.


it’s been a great year at my current job. I am so thankful and grateful for such a job that cares so much about self-care and team work.

My colleagues are extremely supportive and my boss is pretty cool

they also recognized my one year with treats at the weekly staff meeting

next week I will enroll in our work 401K, lol

I was just told by HR I will get a 5% raise. lol how exciting

I recall when I used to work in the public sector….gov’t salaries were a bitch

depending on the political wind…the bosses would often freeze our salaries and hold off raises due to budget issues and politics

a 5% raise.

shit…give me a beer

I need to celebrate. lmfao

calm down….you work in nonprofit



Image result for anniversary


and to all my fellow Hmong readers






Image result for happy hmong new year


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