my baby sister is in her first semester of college

lol, she told me she just started her work study job…luckily she got to tutor young kids in a local school through some service learning project

I was teasing her how grateful she should be…

my first year, I worked 3 jobs across the 3 trimesters….a farming job (in our arb), in the dish room, and security.

fond memories…I made some of my best lifelong friends in that year.

and it was my first real driving experience…I only got my license a week before prom and went to college without a car…my boss on campus in the arb only trusted me with his personal vehicle …which was one of the first generation Prius, lmfao. it was fun being the only one driving the other peers around and knowing he only trusted me. fun times.


this weekend I presenting to the local MN Youth in Government folks at Fridley high school, a first ring suburb of our metro. I am excited and happy. it will be fun/interesting doing this for a young audience. I will be teaching them public speaking/communications skills. I’ll be giving 30 mn session from 11am through 2:30pm this Saturday. I’m nervous and anxious and pumped


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