holding space

we each decide what we hold space for

in our hearts. in our bodies. in our lives. in our circles. in our homes. in our thoughts.

last night, I saw a sublime and powerful play. it is called Hold These Truths

find the link here: http://www.guthrietheater.org/plays_events/plays/hold_these_truths

it is a stirring one man show about one man’s courageous fight against the US gov’t during the illegal and immoral internment of Japanese Americans during WWII

the last 1/3 of the play, I teared up a few times thinking about the sacrifices of early Asians fighting for civil rights in this country and my own parents’ Hmong legacy of their own sacrifice in Laos to get us here today. what a stark reminder that every thing we have and can do was fought for, and it was sealed in blood and sweat, tears, and sacrifice.

when we hold space for something, or someone, we make a value statement

a judgement call

for a dialogue

for safety

and the safety to have that dialogue and consciousness

to talk, share, express, debate and hash out the things which hurt us the most

the very thing we fear

the very thing that makes us uncomfortable.

can we hold these truths?

no matter their weight?


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