this has been a hard year for me in my circle of friends

I am dealing with a spate of ungrateful friends

at this point I can’t care less which ones I lose and am mean to or never ever see again forever.

I have a friend, who somehow, sometimes, feels entitled to my time and energy. I’ve learned to teach him to respect me more and ignored him in the right manner to teach him that lesson.

I have another friend who has little respect for my time…I can text him and he can take hours or days to respond to a single question…but when he texts me it’s urgent. that one too, has come to learn that I no longer tolerate this and don’t care to fix the relationship anymore, let us grow apart. let us drift away. because fuck that shit. you need to respect me more. he wanted to do lunch but takes forever to respond when I sent him some dates/times/options.

2016 is the year I weed people out of my life

ain’t nobody got time for that


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