Mia Mingus

for work tonight we brought in a wonderful healer who works on transformative justice.

she was amazing and very insightful. it was a very powerful and truly transformational lecture about possible alternatives to our fucked up criminal justice system.

not a week goes by where you don’t hear about some horror police abuse of power scene in this country.

here is a great interview on her http://oaklandlocal.com/2013/05/an-interview-with-mia-mingus-oakland-champion-of-change-on-transformative-justice/

if you love justice and rights, please look into this growing (but not new) field of collective, communal and grassroots way to address violence in our cities.

I was quite emotional through most of the presentation, because I have had so many friends come to me to seek counsel and confide in their own stories of survival from domestic violence and abuse, both men and women. it was a great event.

it almost drained me just listening…it was like I was re-living the burden and trauama myself, second hand…again


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