LinkedIn is kind of slow in the way they give notifications for anniversaries….my one year work anniversary was the first week of this month, but only in the last week has LinkedIn been flashing it to my networks, so this week I’ve been flooded with congratulations.


it’s been a great year at my current job. I am so thankful and grateful for such a job that cares so much about self-care and team work.

My colleagues are extremely supportive and my boss is pretty cool

they also recognized my one year with treats at the weekly staff meeting

next week I will enroll in our work 401K, lol

I was just told by HR I will get a 5% raise. lol how exciting

I recall when I used to work in the public sector….gov’t salaries were a bitch

depending on the political wind…the bosses would often freeze our salaries and hold off raises due to budget issues and politics

a 5% raise.

shit…give me a beer

I need to celebrate. lmfao

calm down….you work in nonprofit



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and to all my fellow Hmong readers






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the end

when we part ways, you don’t have to go home

but you can’t stay here

when you and I are over, there is no walking back

in an ancient part of Japan, at the end of the work day, one stood on top of his/her lunch box, to crush it.

the end of things is important.

I need new rituals to repeat

I need new things to end

you risk losing the old you

for being the new you

when you and I end,

there is no looking back

I have stood on that box already.

the ending ritual is all that matters now

the end of things is important


my baby sister is in her first semester of college

lol, she told me she just started her work study job…luckily she got to tutor young kids in a local school through some service learning project

I was teasing her how grateful she should be…

my first year, I worked 3 jobs across the 3 trimesters….a farming job (in our arb), in the dish room, and security.

fond memories…I made some of my best lifelong friends in that year.

and it was my first real driving experience…I only got my license a week before prom and went to college without a car…my boss on campus in the arb only trusted me with his personal vehicle …which was one of the first generation Prius, lmfao. it was fun being the only one driving the other peers around and knowing he only trusted me. fun times.


this weekend I presenting to the local MN Youth in Government folks at Fridley high school, a first ring suburb of our metro. I am excited and happy. it will be fun/interesting doing this for a young audience. I will be teaching them public speaking/communications skills. I’ll be giving 30 mn session from 11am through 2:30pm this Saturday. I’m nervous and anxious and pumped


I got guns in my head and they won’t go

I got spirits in my head and they won’t go



whoever took me here will have to take me home



paying it forward

I don’t count times people help me

because I don’t count times I help others

ultimately it evens out

but sometimes, some things are more memorable and need to be recounted

on a busy road at work today, a car stalled in the slow lane of a busy aterial

the poor guy who was driving it is an elderly Somali man, standing on the sidewalk

I drove around and tried to help him

I offered to push if he can put his car in neutral

low and behold he speaks no English….I could tell he could understand some of what I was saying, but just like my dad, he can’t reply very well

I took his key and entered his car, and put his hazards on….

and realized…I can’t even move his transmission out of park!

the horror

I was wishing this wasn’t the case because he was already on an incline so it would be easy to push

then a random white guy comes to help…thankfully – he parks right behind the dead car with his hazards on too

we can’t get the car to do anything….while we wait…

the other guy, David, knows more about cars than I do….obviously

he said all signs lead to some electrical issues, not necessarily battery-related,

anyway…I ultimately jump on the Somali guy’s phone with another Somali who speaks English….he asks me to stay on the scene if I can until the two truck comes

David and I wait the full 45 minutes with him until the tow guys come

we helped push/pull the car up the tow truck after failing to jump it

it was confusing, frustrating and it was all worth it.

we’ve all been there before

one could be someone I know.

this has happened before and it will happen again



what else can I use my muscles for if not this type of good Samaritan effort….


I got options

you got options

never settle

don’t settle.

fuck no

go for broke….


below, a picture my friend just shared on FB. she is an artist

and she just got this print on her office wall

below is something I just found on LinkedIn today


powerful shit