as I get my shit together and try to sort out my life,

I finally went to a credit union this year to counteract and make me feel less guilty about my bank accounts/debts

this afternoon at lunch I stopped by the credit union to make a payment on a loan I had to get to pay back taxes

one of the tellers was so cute.

then I caught myself

on the way there, I blasted the music with the windows down

my hair is a mess.

——–good call

you don’t flirt when she looks good

you flirt when SHE DOES


the cute bartender at my favorite bar bought me a drink

I said I wanted to buy HER a drink on ME

I asked her what she wanted

she said SOCO, which is a lie….

that’s MY drink, and she knew me enough to know that.

and said the drink was on her after the toast


what a sweetheart

when the pretty girl buys you a drink instead of you buying her a drink

that’s every guy’s dream come true



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