earlier this week, I went to table at a panel for my work

there was a panel of 3 really cool, inspiring leaders from communities of color

one guy was a Korean adoptee. he came to the US at 7, given up by his mother.

he doesn’t say exactly why and the context….so I don’t know if his mother was a single mom, but it sounds like it, based on what he later says next…

he has spent the last several years crusading to change the law to allow foreign adoptees to automatically get US citizenship…apparently loopholes in the laws previously denied this right promised to them….it blew my mind and I had no idea…some kids don’t know they’re not a US citizen until it’s too late…they travel abroad and can’t come back, in limbo, or are deported for a minor crime, etc.

so he talked about the passion he had in fighting for these rights

and he talked about the struggle his mom went through

saying that his mom was disowned by her own family, and not even buried in the same grave plot as her family.

this got me and a few others in the audience very much teary-eyed…..

divorce is a huge negative stigma in many Asian cultures, in particular the East Asian countries.

what a great, strong, bold person to take on his fight….


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