over the weekend, I attended an old college friend’s wedding. To be truthful, he was more of an acquaintance…he’s a great, smart, nice, socially awkward guy..but we weren’t really close at all in college…we just hang out with the same crowd sometimes and I guess we were also in the same program to help first generation college students… so I was surprised to get his wedding invitation, to be honest…I decided to attend at last, because I knew other friends were going. It was a great affair. there were many light moments, when a few of the wedding party gave hilarious toasts…the bride even had her 2nd grade teacher give a roast. that was funny. I never heard of a matron of honor…I guess you learn something new every day…they had a lady there as that. the bride was into show horses so the wedding was on a horse ranch, and she walked down the aisle after getting off her favorite competition horse. that was something else.

my guy’s new father-in-law had an hilarious line. he said a friend told him the two most important words in the English language are “yes, dear.” but that he gave permission to his new son-in-law to resist sometimes.

the best man had a good zinger too…that the bride was very disorganized, and met the very much more organized groom, so they match.

I’m glad I attended.


I get annoyed at how clingy my boss’ husband is. this guy will call to chat about every random little, trivial thing/question, or just to chat, apparently…during/throughout the work day! I guess I’m annoyed because I can’t stand clingy people…but in truth…I have never had a girlfriend before…and I fear being clingy myself….but that’s exactly what I don’t want to be/have….lmfao


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