new beginnings

I am embarking on something bold

I am looking at starting my own communications consultancy. we’ll see how it goes.

you gotta leave where you are

to get to where you want to be.

a ship is safe in harbor

but that’s not what ships are made for


it takes two to tangle

this song is called not fair,

oh, she treats me with respect, enough.

but it should be a two-way street,

if you make time for me, I make time for you,

you give some, you take some, but not all, not ever

it’s not OK, it’s really not OK, when only one person tangles

in this game for two.

she can communicate when she wants to,

but I am rebuffed when I reach out

it’s not fair. I think you’re really mean.

but girls are mean and not fair.

look into my eyes, I want to get to know you

but it’s apparent it’s all over.

I have better things to do as well. it’s really not ok. and that’s OK