perfection #4

I just now recalled what I should have put in my last rant against perfectionism. What got me heated that week was a lecture my father gave my younger brother. That day, my younger sister had wanted to get practice driving. There was a small fresh coat of snow from the night before, but it was not that bad or too icy on the roads. When my siblings returned, my father lectured my brother against the wisdom of doing practice driving in these conditions. Good thing my brother stood his ground about the need to drive no matter what the conditions, as it is necessarily realistic…plus the snow was not that bad. My father is a huge perfectionist and too safety conscious to the point of being unrealistic in his sense of security and straight up paranoid. I hate him for that and I will always fight that urge. It’s a very stupid type of mindset….how paranoid are you that you can’t go out and drive because it fucking snowed…we live in a state that snows 2/3 of the fucking year. If my father would have his way, he’d wait for perfect weather conditions. Fuck that and fuck his way of thinking. How stupid. That’s exactly why I grew up rebelling against his nonsensical way of thinking about random things. This is why I can’t stand perfectionist people…being picky boils my blood. Just do it.


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