end of year

Life is fragile. life is harsh.

hard, and brutish.my new work place gave me the rare gift of time, the most important gift in this world…I just started this job and technically have no PTO…but the big boss gave us all a week off for Xmas…no PTO used.  I took advantage of it and went to visit my sister on the west coast. it was wonderful to meet my third nephew on her side for the first time. the two older boys are so much more smart, wiser and mature now, as they approach the teens. it was a short visit, and I saw many old relatives I hadn’t seen in half a decade too. but while there, my brother in law’s cousin committed suicide…apparently he shot himself in bed…leaving his wife and two young children…. I don’t know what his demons were, but it was a stark reminder of the immediacy of life and its fragility…


If I was too subtle, it may go over her head…but if I was too bold, I don’t want to come off as too forward. And most of all I can’t stand to sit idle, or worse…be fooled, or foolish.


a good friend recently confided in me that her last relationship was an abusive one. I was shocked and angry…but I have to step back and remember that these things happen that way…often it takes the victim time and space to remove herself and see herself from a third party light, to see the light of her own glow…what a scourge is this.


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