New beginnings

Growing up, our family never did Christmas…we aren’t Christian, and never really got into the holiday spirit because we were also immigrant/poor, and my parents couldn’t buy us gifts…and that’s fine… lol although sometimes my mom would go get us donated toys from a local church. But now that we’re all mostly adults now and the oldest brother has young kids, apparently we’re trying to kindle a little bit of the spirit. So last night marked the fourth anniversary of a new tradition for our family… we gather for Xmas, have a nice big dinner, then open secret santa presents. My brother immediately younger than me got me a nice slide belt, new coat and sweater with matching scarf. I got my baby sister a water bottle, some perfume and expensive makeup…. the makeup…I would have had no clue about except thankfully my friend Winona offered to help me pick it out so we went to Sephora and she picked it out. lol. thank goodness…I felt so ignorant and lost in that place….she calls it girl heaven. I can see why. It was a nice great dinner…my older brother made a great pork roast.


I don’t mean to paint something or someone with a broad stroke but I will…. man, fuck the banks. they are ruthless leeches. last year when I was starting to rebuild my credit… I tried to talk to a banker about how I can more effectively square away my remaining debt, they were evasive and not helpful….but now that I have shown more money in my bank accounts, the teller referred me to a banker to get financial advice…I blew both of them off…I know how it is… you don’t fucking want to help me when I’m not as well financially…but now that I am, you want to take my fucking money….AND help me…fuck the banks.



the amount of stress in my life has calmed down…very much, a lot of it attributed to my recent job change….but I am determined to rebrand a new me and seek more change and opportunity in 2016.

See you in the new year.

I will fly to my hometown this afternoon and be back next Monday.


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