The last 6 years, I was a hardworking public servant…in some ways I still work too much… I don’t care for the holiday period as I am not a religious person, but with my new job…my new big boss was nice and gave the whole office the whole next week off….we were all surprised…I am most grateful… for the first time in 6 years I will take the opportunity to go on a short vacation…I will fly to and from my hometown, while some other friends road trip there…we’ll gather and celebrate our own cultural new year down in my hometown. I will be glad to see my oldest sister and her family again. I miss the two older boys and can’t wait to see her youngest son whom I have not yet met.

The old year is ending on a great note. I will fly next Thursday and I will come back the following Monday.


The last week I have had some crazy dreams..some stupid, senseless, some strange, but a few interesting ones…made me feel lucky, so I bought a few lotto tickets and scratch offs. We’ll see. lol


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