leaves of grass

of love and misadventure, nothing gives me as little satisfaction as unrequitted love

and between the truths and lies, there is no illusion greater than the lies we tell ourselves

with little, and by a lot… you leave a bitter taste in my mouth.


It is good to see my parents have more time together and in particular, to be more relaxed.

our father finally was able to retire this year after working about 30 years…hard to keep us out of poverty (through and out of it) …

we’re not rich, nor comfortable…yet…lol..but we’re not where we used to be either…. and that’s better…

because the best person you should compete with us yourself…to be better today than you were yesterday. and better today for tomorrow, after that.

my father was always too busy growing up – aside from work he would have other family obligations…clan leader role….community mediator, community teacher of our language, etc., and now that he is retired, he and mom can finally do things together that keep them both active and together…like going out for walks/jogs and doing their shared hobbies like gardening…

it’s good to see my dad finally rest after all these years…. he worked so hard… he’s made great sacrifices…we have no idea…still don’t,…even if we only/even see a bit of it…we cannot qualify, we cannot quantify… he changed his work hours to 12 hour overnight shifts just so he could help send us to school …and later reversed that so he can take us to after school sports…. he doesn’t talk much…about his sacrifices and is the strongest man I know emotionally… but he once let out that he used to smoke as a young man…but he quit when he came to this country because we were poor and cigarettes are expensive…. what an amazing discipline. the harsh nature of his factory work has taken a toll on his hands/fingers. it is well that he is now rested from work.



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