things fall apart

Life is fragile. Over the weekend, the younger brother of my oldest sister in law attempted suicide. He tried to hang himself in his closet… his little girl found him, but she was too young to know better, and while he was unconscious on the floor, she thought he was sleeping. By the aweful grace of heaven, he is recovering well at the hospital. I have heard of and known friends of friends and family of distant friends who have done such things…but never this close to home… I hope the guy gets the help needs going forward.



I’ve gone to a few coed baby showers in the past. One of them left a bad taste in my mouth because we played too many silly games…silly as in very girly and kiddish… and I sat out for some of them…which also made me feel bad. So I wondered if I would ever go to another baby shower again. My good friend had a baby shower for her baby girl that is on the way. I’m glad I went. I warned her the week before that I may not go because of my past experience with baby showers…I don’t’ want to come be a party pooper and not participate if there are too many silly games…. Luckily, her sister-in-law that organized the event didn’t make us play silly games….it was a more socializing/eating event. And I’m glad I went because I know how much it means to her, in particular, how much she has wanted to be a mommy. I know she offers to baby sit and take home her sister’s child. I joke with her that she’s so desperate to be a mommy she’s borrowing her sister’s kid to adopt. She didn’t like the joke but I’m right. Haha.


I’m relieved that this is a 3 day weekend.

I need a break and it will be a great opportunity to wind down.

I don’t get too many holidays in my line of work, and so a 3 day weekend is always very much cherished.

I am also hosting a bbq at my house for the 4th weekend and look forward to that too.


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