think deep – writing prompt 9.27.2012

I have a dear friend who is a poet and spoken word artist….

on his Facebook recently he wrote the following note which I will copy and use as my entry today.


Write on the following, interpreting all parts as you care to:

“Write about what you’ve forgotten.”

(Feel free to share results in the comments section here — or not.)


if any of my readers care to share and ruminate,…. please do…

here I go….


I’ve forgotten how to write about death. This is because I also forget to stop speaking about love. In the times I fell in love ,I loved not in the time of cholera or in spite of cholera. But my love WAS the cholera. 

But I find time enough to wander about life. With each drive along the dark, cold river, I find time enough to know about sustenance, of the earth and of life, and of people. 

Water replenishes and the river renews. With each dip in the water I am reborn. 

I’ve forgotten to feel about pain. 

I spend time enough appreciating smiles and the things that can never be repaid with each act of kindness.

I’ve forgotten how to speak about fear.

But I will never forget how you make me feel. 



the quote and picture below is thanks to: 
Psychic Medium Bill Philipps


If you have a desire you want to achieve, write it out, and make your intention known to Spirit and the Universe. When we write down what is it we want to create in our lives, we are creating an energy that we can look back at and affirm on a daily basis. We have the ability to add energy to our writing with repetition and pure intention. Also, when we write, we get inspiration and encouragement from Spirit. This means that we have support of God, source, and Spirit all around us to create miracles every day. All it takes is trust, faith, and the first step, writing it down! Plant the seeds and watch them grow


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