================ on compromise

some quick anecdotes on compromise

I had lunch with a friend and coworker three days ago. we went to a nice place – I ordered a burger….but that place usually makes their burgers medium rare by default (I forget that, but she remembered). so as soon as I told our server I’ll take the burger she interjected that “you want it well done though right?” I said yes. the server took note.

I thanked her for remembering and making sure I had my meat the way I liked it. That’s what real friends do… they sing the song in your heart when you forget the words. They walk with you in the shade and the sun… and they remind you of your own true self and tastes when you’re too busy to remember…

I met another friend for a belated birthday celebration with and for her. At first we settled at a bar for 9 PM…then she wanted to change her mind for some other issues… I said 7 PM…. and she came back with 8 PM to compromise in between…. it worked out well… in any relationship you always compromise.

I should know… I’m in politics/government…. you don’t always get all you want. It’s all give and take.

I have other friends who remind me to cut back on soda, or feed my bad habit and order me a cherry coke….

true friends do that too



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