where does the counselor go get counseled?

what does a rock lay on

they see when I am strong and don’t see when I fall apart

he sees when I walk out, but discounts when I walk in

she sees when I bend and carry on, but is oblivious to when I break

you see when I am strong, and forget where I cannot be.

when I disappoint you, believe you me, I let myself down most.

the standards I break are not yours to keep

they are mine’s to elevate

I’m sorry if I cannot give or do… as you wish

there are things I will not and cannot, and shall not do and give you

where I fall short,…. forgive me

where I disappoint you…. I’m sorry. I know I disappoint myself the most.

where does the rock go

who counsels the counselor?

I found the source of my pain and suffering.

and I will never forgive myself.

I must find peace.

I can only make it with myself.

======================== SUMMER IS ENDING

I gotta get back in the saddle

and chin up

summer is ending

the days are shorter, night comes sooner

I gotta cheer up more with an old friend and  hobby……  THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY

before fall I must go snap beautiful pictures throughout the city that I love and live/work in

nature, beauty, people, landscape, birds, trees, insects, ….. the things and people who matter to me.

i gotta get back in the saddle….



long nights, long drives alone….solace in my solitude. i need a drink. i take no counsel of my fears. i must have affairs with my hopes and romance my dreams.

where I am….is too dark to see.


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