life and death

Friday night late into the night about 1 am I was coming home from a movie with a friend…. over a bridge which spans the interstate by my house I saw three female friends cuddling and crying together in the middle of the bridge… they brought flowers and candles…. and I was reminded of what happened there…. 2 years ago to the day, a young woman committed suicide on that spot…she climbed that fence, jumped down and was killed upon impact with the cars and cement below…. those were her loved ones mourning her on the 2 year anniversary…. it was a somber drive home…. 


I’m gonna go home, shave, and dress up and go to another friend’s uncle’s funeral as well…. all too often we forget how grateful we each should be…. death surrounds us all and our mortality stares right into us from the abyss…near and far…. 

cherish and treasure what you have and what and who you love while you can. always.


The movie THE CAMPAIGN was hilarious…just saw it… very good, cheeky and over the top, but very much reflective of the political pulse and realities of the day…. a great laugh indeed.



I saw the new Bourne this weekend…. I always fantasized I could be a great spy – I have no doubt….lol…be like Bond or Bourne…. but I know I would make a bad spy in one regard…. I’m a bad liar…. but in terms of kicking ass like Bourne…. of course I could ! 😉 Jeremy Renner is a good match to replace Matt Damon.


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