let me tell you something, – you know I’m not one to break fences

but if I have to I will bomb fences to bits and walk away… and never look back.

I don’t like walking into the dark, yet I walk in the shadows…. the darkness can envelope and the shadows consume… and therein lies the truth and lie…. that I find solace in my solitude.

—— let me tell you something.

I do not love in the time of cholera.

my love IS the cholera.

================== Olympic Hopes for Today

I am very excited to see the men’s soccer semi-finals this evening when I go home from work…. I must refrain and force myself from looking at the live scores online because the games are already played by the time I’m done at work…when I get home I just watch the rebroadcast….but as long as I don’t know what the score already was earlier I’m still held in suspense…. I hope South Korea wins gold…their defense is so solid. Mexico should win bronze just because I like Mexico as a country…. Japan should take silver and Brazil should take 4th place because I am a man for the underdog. South Korea has an amazing soccer goalie too… I can’t wait to see him in action again!

============= DREAMS OF MY FATHER

I think my relationship with my dad is starting to improve, slowly albeit…but in the right direction…

and as well it should be. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


============================= To Climb a Mountain

I used to climb a cliff on the beautiful Mississippi River valley in St. Paul when I was young…. about 10 years ago… it was  great thrill, challenge, and it made me feel strong, accomplished and confident…. and it made me feel good that I could do it…. yet it was dangerous of course and perhaps a bit foolish…. I want to get back into climbing…not hardcore stuff but just climbing basics and being in the hang of it once more, naturally. … no ropes or trinkets,,,no gear…. and not dangerous either….

I want to be one with nature again soon…. I miss the great Outdoors.


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