you showed me the meaning of life

the three stages of a flower

the birth/seeding,

the growth and bloom of the plant

and then the death and decay back to earth

you did not show me the rain, the draught, the suffering and the disease


because, you said

the flower is the most beautiful part of it all

for the time



powerful conversation

early this month I had the honor/pleasure to sit at the table with a Native elder

doing the same great philanthropy work we all do

he had wise words to share:

“the most powerful and important part in any conversation is when you stop the other person and say, I NEED YOUR HELP…”


while watching  a great epic the other day with my nephews…this occurred


nephew: uncle, why does the hero go into the woods, and why doe she cry? (the hero takes a Teddy Roosevelt trip into the woods to recover his health and soul and punish himself for his physical failures)

me: in any epic story, the hero always finds himself in the wilderness. it is where all men can find back their strength, spirit and will. it cleanses you physically and spiritually. he is crying because he just got beat up. he is punishing himself by secluding himself in the woods while he practices martial arts to become a better fighter before he avenges.


speaking of the wilderness


thank you and congratulations to our gorgeous, wonderful, amazing National Parks Service.

You are 100 years old today!



btakrrl9cmy friend wanted to take me to lunch Monday. It just so happened that it was one of my random days off (I have a shit ton PTO), so I obliged. it was quite a sweet surprise. over lunch, she informed me that she and her husband are expecting! how awesome. I’m so happy for her. she’s always been so eager to settle down and start a family.

and as if that was not enough, just the very next day, another close friend gave the same announcement…under the guise of a birthday gathering for two other friends….he took it as an opportunity to announce that he and his wife were expecting a baby in February. how friggin’ awesome is that.


how growing up poor made me a bad ass

I syndicate this gem


How Growing Up Poor Made Me A Bad-Ass


as I get my shit together and try to sort out my life,

I finally went to a credit union this year to counteract and make me feel less guilty about my bank accounts/debts

this afternoon at lunch I stopped by the credit union to make a payment on a loan I had to get to pay back taxes

one of the tellers was so cute.

then I caught myself

on the way there, I blasted the music with the windows down

my hair is a mess.

——–good call

you don’t flirt when she looks good

you flirt when SHE DOES


the cute bartender at my favorite bar bought me a drink

I said I wanted to buy HER a drink on ME

I asked her what she wanted

she said SOCO, which is a lie….

that’s MY drink, and she knew me enough to know that.

and said the drink was on her after the toast


what a sweetheart

when the pretty girl buys you a drink instead of you buying her a drink

that’s every guy’s dream come true



if your parents didn’t divorce, our families would be closer

and our bond would be more cohesive

a life without brothers

is no life at all

but let us not mourn what love is lost

let us rebuild stronger, what was always there

weddings 2

the next month is going to be killer with weddings

my goodness

my own brother’s will be on 8/20

a male cousin’s will be on the 27, and then I was just asked by an uncle to be on the traditional wedding party for his daughter, on 8/6…there is a first time for everything, as a man I cannot escape this duty, so I must go and learn.

one thing is for sure. with my next youngest bro marrying, now my parents will pressure me even more to marry/settle down….I gotta get a girlfriend first. lmfao